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Oct. 28th, 2011

supportive, You make me want to strain at the oars

powers & permissions

Rita's powers are as follows: the power to heal people by hugging them, to calm them by talking to them, and to turn food into chocolate.

Here's the breakdown of these powers:

Healing hugs: It is exactly what you think it is. When Rita hugs people they are healed whether it is from minor injuries (cuts, bruises, etc.) and illnesses (fever or cold).

The limitations on this are she can only give up to five. The first two she will feel perfectly fine. The third she will begin to feel dizzy, the fourth will make her nauseous, and the fifth will make her pass out for about eight hours. She won’t be able to use the ability until the following day after hitting her limit.

When it comes to serious injuries or illness, she can only lessen the damage by 40% when she is at her very best physically. If she’s tired, hungry, etc. it will only relieve their pain.

Calming influence: If you exchange in a conversation with Rita for more than fifteen minutes while upset you will feel better regardless of what direction its going.

The limitation is it has to be in person and there will still be just the tiniest bit of doubt. That last one is so she doesn’t unleash Angelus every time she talks to Angel.

Changing food: Rita can change food into chocolate. Any drink becomes hot cocoa, any solid a chocolate bar, and soup would turn into chocolate pudding.

The limitation is she has to be craving it at the time and be in physical contact with it.

This is where your characters come in. Do you want them to have a healing hug? To be calmed down? Have their food turned into chocolate? This is the place to request it! 

Oct. 14th, 2011

awkward lovers

c&c application

run with me through rows of speeding carsCollapse )

Sep. 13th, 2011

01 | some things hold your life together

A. Phone

Hi. [Have the soft voice of a young, very depressed young woman. Sob.] My name is Rita Ben- I guess it's Morgan now. Rita Morgan.

[She sighs.] I'm looking for some people. I'm pretty sure they're not here but, just in case it's a little boy and girl. They both have brown hair. The girl has hazel eyes and the boy's are brown... they answer to Astor and Cody. They are my kids... my real ones. Not just- 

They won't go with strangers but, if you can just call me here I'll come for them... or Dexter.

Thank you.

B. Action for 830 Goldberg specifically the kitchen

[Rita is standing in the kitchen making something... or trying to. She's sort of shuffling between pulling out items and putting them away like she can't settle on what to make.]

C. Open Action Goldberg St & beyond

[Pacing throughout the neighborhood is (1) Rita Ben- Morgan. She looks like she has a million things on her mind. Maybe someone should talk to her?]

Apr. 25th, 2011


backdated to the disneyland event

[Disneyland was to no one's surprise magical in appearance at night. Rita was more than happy to take in while hanging onto Dexter's arm. She still felt a little bad the kids couldn't enjoy this with them but, it was nice to spend time together timeline weirdness aside.]

Dinner was nice, wasn't it? Bruce and I were talking about doing that again once he's done with his project. It'd be a good way to show we're proud of him. Don't you think?

Mar. 8th, 2011

IC Contact

You can reach Rita by by phone, text, or email here.